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“Thank you CARFAX for saving us from a disastrous mistake!”

My husband found a beautiful 2009 Chevy 2500 HD at an auction and wanted to bid. The truck had a lot of great features, and even had new tires! We started it, but auction rules would not let us test drive it. We bought the unlimited CARFAX and ran the VIN number to find the truck had 5 previous owners and a total insurance loss from a wreck in a state that did not issue salvage titles. Someone else bought the truck, and a big headache, for $22,350. Thank you CARFAX for saving us from a disastrous mistake!

-Debbie J.

The CARFAX Report allowed me to see service was needed on a car after I purchased it.

Although I did not get a CARFAX Report until after I bought a used car, the report still saved me money. I was able to look at the service history of the vehicle, and I saw that the timing belt had not been changed. I immediately had my mechanic change it. Thanks to the CARFAX Report I was able to see that this important service was past due.

-David N.

“Because of the CARFAX Report I left with all my hard earned money and didn’t get scammed.”

I frequently buy and sell cars off of Craigslist, and I came across a good deal on a BMW Coupe. The car details and asking price were way too good to be true, so I purchased a CARFAX Report, ran the VIN number, and found that the car had been recently reported as a total loss vehicle. The seller was trying to sell me the BMW with the old clean title, but in reality it was a salvage title. Because of the CARFAX Report I left with all my hard earned money and didn’t get scammed.

-Luis R.

Along with a CARFAX you should get your potential vehicle inspected

I found several trucks that I was interested in, and used CARFAX to determine which histories were safer. I discovered that dealerships often have major work done at offsite facilities and don’t report that to CARFAX, making it look like the cars/trucks are actually in better shape than they really are. All consumers should use CARFAX as a starting point, and ultimately use a qualified mechanic to inspect a vehicle and give you that information first. If the seller isn’t willing to do that, then pass on the car and find someone who is.

-Jason D.

CARFAX helped me find the right truck thanks to the recall information they provide.

Thanks to CARFAX I knew what to look for on recalls and problems with certain model trucks and SUV’s. One model specifically made me look under the vehicle to see if the necessary work had been done, and it had not.

The CARFAX was well worth the money to research deeper into potential purchases. I am now the owner of a great 2006 Toyota Tacoma, which my daughter says needs a Car Fox passenger.

-Gregg L.

The CARFAX revealed a great car history!

This story is a bit unusual.

My daughter’s next door neighbor had a stroke at the early age of 54. Her family held off making any changes, including selling her car, until it became clear that she could never drive again. Her car (2007 Mazda 3) sat in the garage for 10 months having never been started. Because I am a “car guy” I volunteered to help get the car running again, ready to sell. No one seemed to know the history of the car, including whether she bought it new or used, if it had been in any accidents, or if it had been properly maintained. There were no service records in the glove box, nor could they find any information in her house.

I decided to buy the CARFAX report to help fill in the missing details. The report listed service information confirming that the car had been properly maintained and there were no accidents reported. However, the most significant item on the report was that a “Service Contract” had been purchased when she bought the car used. A call to the dealer (whose name was on the CARFAX report) confirmed this fact. It turned out the contract was transferable, and still had over one year left on it. This eliminated the risk of buying a car with an unknown history. I ended up buying the car, and paying a fair price to the family, with confidence that the car is covered by the Service Contract.

-Bob R.