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“I’m very thankful for CARFAX.”

I’m very thankful for CARFAX. I was looking for a new car, and through the CARFAX Report I discovered that the odometer in the 2006 Toyota Highlander I had purchased had been rolled back from 189,000 miles to 96,000 miles, and it had been in an accident. I bought the car at a very low price, and that was the reason I got the CARFAX Report. Thanks to the CARFAX I was able to return the car and get my money back!

-Sandy W.

CARFAX saved me from a costly mistake

I was going to buy a low milage Expedition in excellant condition. I ran a CARFAX which showed the car was last smogged with over 200,000 miles on it and not the 52,000 shown on [the] title or odometer.
I tracked down and called the previous owner who verified that the car was in excellant shape but did have well over 200,000 miles when it was traded in.

CARFAX info saved me from a very costly mistake.

Thank You,

Be extra careful when you can’t easily view the car yourself

I had been looking for a Dodge Challenger for a while, [and] I found one with 1,100 miles so I contacted a guy named Danile Boyd. He said he was a pilot and was busy so he couldn’t be present and the car was ready to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. at his cost. I told him that I would purchase the car but needed him to give me the VIN, which he did and I used CARFAX to check the VIN. But the CARFAX said the car was a corporate vehicle and was purchased in Maine and this guy was in Texas. I asked him about this but he gave me a weird story. I told him if he could prove that he owned the car and show me the Title or Registration that I would buy the car. Never heard from him again. Just wanted you to hear this story.


If it’s too good to be true, beware

This is my story of the car of my dreams that thanks to CARFAX I didn’t get because it was a scam. I found a 2010 Maserati Gran Turismo convertible on in New York [for sale] by owner. I responded to the ad and soon afterwards heard back from the seller. He told me that he was a FedEx pilot and was getting a divorce, thus selling the car. He said he wanted me to put money into an account and he would ship [the] car. Upon getting the VIN number I went to the local Maserati dealer and had them look up the car. They told me that the guy selling the car wasn’t the registered owner .

I ordered a CARFAX report and found out the service records for the car and where it was done and got a hold of the dealer to verify. All the information that CARFAX had reported was true right from the dealer. They said they knew the owner and it wasn’t the same person that was trying to sell it to me.

I kept an eye on the car on and the car was for sale by a dealership next so I called the number and found out the car had been sold three weeks earlier to another dealership up north.

I wrote the car off obviously, but interestingly enough the car surfaced yet again with the same pictures as before but this time it was for sale in San Diego by someone else.

Moral of the story as usual, If it’s too good to be true, beware! I’m glad through CARFAX and due diligence , I was able to escape the scam and share it . Good luck to all of you that are searching for cars on the net. I hope you find what you are looking for. Just for your own peace of mind though, don’t hesitate to use CARFAX as it’s cheap insurance and worth every penny.

-D. H. Hostetler III