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I found out that the car was a salvaged vehicle

I was recently looking for a car for our college student.  I found a car for sale that looked really great. The woman who was selling it was telling me how her husband took such great care of it, and it was a 2006 with really low miles and very few mechanical issues.

I was so glad I did a CARFAX on the car, I found out that the car was actually a Salvage 2004 vehicle. The car indeed looked great, but the woman had her details a bit confused.

I was glad for CARFAX and the details I was able to acquire in order to make a smart car buying decision. It was definitely worth the small fee to avert a car buying blunder!

-Wendy K

Why Did I Not Check the CARFAX Before Buying?

I recently bought a car, and while doing the paperwork for the licenses, they asked me about the CARFAX report. They needed it because the title said it was rebuilt; so I bought the report. Reading the CARFAX report, it turned out that the car had been a total loss. I was in shock. I was angry, [asking myself why I had] not checked before buying it!! I never thought about it because the car looked nice and the mileage was 28,000. But I already know the sad truth. I hope that the car will give me good service.

Thank you CARFAX.


-Daniel Montoyo

$35 Is Nothing Compared to $7,000

I had finally found a car that I was interested in, and called to inquire about it at the used car dealership. After having already found a few cars with salvage titles, I asked the salesman about this car. He assured me the car was in perfect condition, clean title, everything. I decided to buy a CARFAX. I learned that the odometer had been rolled back AND it had a salvage title. I’m so glad I bought a CARFAX. Thirty-five dollars doesn’t seem like anything compared to $7000!


-Felicia Sturgis