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CARFAX made my car buying experience stress free.

I had been looking for a good used truck, and after listening to co-workers talking about buying online I was tempted, but a little afraid of the whole process. I decided to try it out anyway, and I eventually found a truck I was interested in. I decided to use CARFAX, and when everything checked out it made me feel a lot more at ease, and I decided to purchase the vehicle. I travelled 1500 miles to pick it up, and drove it all the way home without any problems. The whole process was made that much more stress free, thanks to the CARFAX Report.

-Dan R.

“It’s a small cost compared to the cost of a bad car.”

My oldest son totaled his car in March of this year, and needed to find a new one as quickly as possible. He looked on Craigslist and found one he liked, but since we didn’t know anything about the seller we got a CARFAX Report, just in case. The CARFAX was clean and the car ran well, so he bought it. At the end of July I totaled my car, and needed a replacement for it quickly. I remembered how great my first CARFAX experience was, so I purchased the 5 Report package. After test driving a few different cars and running CARFAX Reports on each, I started to lose hope. Finally, I found the perfect car. The seller was honest with me about everything, and everything he told me was verified on the CARFAX Report. I am so grateful to CARFAX for helping me find the right car. It’s a small cost compared to the cost of a bad car.

-Marilyn C.

CARFAX helped me sell my old car AND buy a new one!

CARFAX helped me sell my car and buy another. I had a 2004 Jeep Cherokee that I had kept in very good condition and it had very low miles for its age. During the selling process I had people compare my car to others, and to help them decide I would send/show them the CARFAX Report, explaining that the title was clean, maintenance was done, and it wasn’t in any accidents. The person that bought my vehicle did so because they had a hard time finding a similar vehicle that was clean.

I used CARFAX to purchase my next vehicle (a 2002 Ford Excursion). I found out it had been in an accident, and followed up with the dealer to learn what really happened. Since it turns out the damage didn’t affect the frame of the vehicle, I decided to buy it. I used CARFAX as a bargaining tool to get a lower price, and now I’ve got the vehicle I want at an awesome price!

-Jeremy L.

“Thank you CARFAX! You saved me!”

Thank you CARFAX! You saved me! I was looking on Craigslist at a 2006 Toyota Tacoma truck with 62,000 miles. After connecting with the seller, I had him text me the VIN number so I could run a CARFAX Report. Everything on it checked out, so we set up a time to meet. I made the two hour trip, and after negotiating the price we finally agreed on the sale. I happened to glance at the title, and when I caught a glimpse of the VIN number I realized something was wrong. The VIN number he had given me before was not the same as the one on the title. So I pulled up the CARFAX on my phone and discovered the real mileage was actually 148,000. Needless to say I did not buy that truck.

-Jeremy M.

CARFAX saved me from driving 300 miles and from buying a damaged vehicle.

I was looking for a used car for my son and found a really nice-looking, low mileage Chrysler Crossfire online. I called the owner, and he gave me nothing but good news about the car. I arranged for a meeting to look at the car (about 300 miles from my home). The night before the meeting I decided to buy a CARFAX Report, and boy am I glad I did. The report revealed that the car had been in an accident and it had a salvage title. Needless to say, I did not go see the car. Not only did you save me the money I would have spent on the car, but you saved me a long trip.

-Dale S.

CARFAX Helped me Sell my Car!

CARFAX helped me sell my car! After weeks of advertising my 2002 Saab 9-5 Aero without so much as a nibble, I invested in the CARFAX Report on my own vehicle and offered it to anyone who responded to my ad. The car sold in two days! Making the CARFAX Report available to potential buyers instilled trust and confidence that I was not hiding anything about my vehicle’s past. I definitely recommend it as a selling tool!

-Rich C.