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CARFAX helped us avoid making a terrible deal.

My husband and I were looking for a 2002 Jeep Liberty. We found one for a decent price, but the owner didn’t mention any previous damage or maintenance issues. We didn’t even think about looking at a CARFAX until my cousin mentioned it. We wanted to be sure we were purchasing a car in good condition, so we paid for the report. It showed that the car had been in two different accidents, one of which caused severe damage to the motor. CARFAX helped us avoid making a terrible deal.

-Gabriela V.

CARFAX saved us from buying a car with frame damage.

I haven’t bought a pre-owned car without first checking the CARFAX Report in years. Several years ago it saved my wife and I from a really bad deal. We found a used Honda CR-V at a dealership that was right in our price range, so we took it for a test drive. We liked it, and were in the process of talking numbers with the dealership when we asked to see the CARFAX Report. The CARFAX revealed the car had frame damage, and we ended up passing on the car.

-Tom P.

“Thanks to CARFAX we are now the proud owners of a good, clean car.”

Before getting a CARFAX Report we had almost made up our mind on a Toyota Camry, but it turned out to be reported as a total loss, a fact the owner conveniently didn’t tell us. We did not end up purchasing that vehicle, and instead went to look at two almost identical Honda Accords. The CARFAX ended up being the ultimate deciding factor between the two. The one we ended up buying showed regular servicing with all scheduled maintenance performed in a timely manner, and no major repairs. Thanks to CARFAX we are now the proud owners of a good, clean car.

-Paula M.

“Purchasing the CARFAX helped me save thousands of dollars on a damaged vehicle.”

I was looking for a new used car, and I was almost ready to buy a 2009 Grand Caravan. The seller provided me with a vehicle history report that was not CARFAX, but still showed a clear history with no accidents. I want to be sure about it before I bought it, so I went home and bought a CARFAX Report. The CARFAX showed me that the vehicle had been in two previous accidents. Purchasing the CARFAX helped me save thousands of dollars on a damaged vehicle.

-Lex M.

CARFAX helped me find a car free of odometer rollbacks.

I bought my 1996 Impala after extensive use of CARFAX. I used it to evaluate price vs. mileage vs. car history. I was almost fooled by low mileage vehicles several times, but with CARFAX I found that a lot of those vehicles had improper odometer readings and were most likely rolled back.

Now I’m using CARFAX to sell my Highlander. Any time a possible buyer comes to check out my car, I show them the CARFAX Report to prove the legitimacy of the claims I’ve posted in my ads.

-Justin R.

“I’m very thankful for CARFAX.”

I’m very thankful for CARFAX. I was looking for a new car, and through the CARFAX Report I discovered that the odometer in the 2006 Toyota Highlander I had purchased had been rolled back from 189,000 miles to 96,000 miles, and it had been in an accident. I bought the car at a very low price, and that was the reason I got the CARFAX Report. Thanks to the CARFAX I was able to return the car and get my money back!

-Sandy W.