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It’s so nice when a private seller offers a CARFAX

I recently was in the process of purchasing a 2004 Ford Lighting [and] had agreed on a price and had a certified check made out to the seller with plans on picking up the truck the next day. The morning of the day of the purchase I had called the seller for my driving instructions, needed to do a MapQuest before leaving [as] it was a 6-hour drive one way. My mechanic had told me to to run a CARFAX. I was not so eager to do that, but when the seller did not answer my call I did so only to find out that I would be the 8th owner and there was air bag deployment in 2003 with sever front end damage. As I am reading the CARFAX the phone rings with the seller to give my directions. I asked him if he ran a CARFAX when he purchased the truck. He [said] that his brother-in-law did so and that he was out of the country at the time of the purchase. So I read him my CARFAX; to his disbelief he knew nothing of any problems replying it runs out fine and handles great.

That spooked the deal for me and a few weeks later I found a 2000 Ford Lariat Flareside with 40,000 miles advertized with a CARFAX report with 1 owner with no issues. I was sure glad I ran that CARFAX and [will] be sure to do so in the future before I agree to purchase anything.


The Seller’s Story Didn’t Match the CARFAX Report

I found a vehicle of interest for the family, a Honda Odyssey. The seller revealed that the car had been in a small wreck in the front, but no airbags were deployed. The car had 56,000 miles he said, as verified by the odometer reading.

The CARFAX report said that the car was hit from the front, rear and side. The car was towed away as the car could not move under its own power, the car was totaled and airbags were deployed. The police report stated that the car had 108,000 miles.

CARFAX saved me from making a poor purchasing decision.


West Palm Beach

I Will Never Buy Another Car Without First Consulting the Fox!

I was ready to purchase a Mitsubishi 3000gt, when on my wife’s advice I went ahead and purchased a CARFAX report, as a mere precaution. Upon reading the report, I realized that my car had been in a major accident that the seller had failed to mention to me. Further investigation revealed that the airbag had been deployed and not re-installed correctly, and the frame had suffered a major impact.

CARFAX really saved me from buying a car that would now be costing me thousands in repair, and helped me buy my current car with confidence in its history. I will never buy another car without first consulting the Fox!

-Paul Cox