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Top 5 Considerations When Test Driving a Vehicle | Video

This week’s CARFAX Friday Video walks you through five things to check out when test driving a vehicle that you are thinking about buying. Straightforward advice, but believe it or not, some of these things are easy to overlook in the excitement of driving an unfamiliar car or truck.

Questions or comments? Please jot them down below. And make sure you follow us — we may answer your questions in a future video.

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: How to Protect Yourself from Sandy-Flooded Cars

-+*Thousands of cars are damaged every time a storm hits, and Hurricane Sandy was no exception. Due to the excessive amount of rain that caused flooding, many cars were submerged in water, which makes them flood damaged vehicles. These flood damaged vehicles are often considered totaled or demolished. If this is the case, insurance companies […]