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If you are shopping for a used car, these posts on car buying will help you make a good decision.

2015 Ford Escape

CARFAX Finds: Ford Escape

-+*Since its launch 15 years ago, the Ford Escape has consistently been a favorite compact SUV among Americans. The fact that there’s a Ford dealership almost everywhere and the wide variety of engines make the Escape an easy fit for those who need a good blend of practicality and ease of ownership. But many buyers […]

2011 Mini Cooper Family

CARFAX Finds: Mini Cooper

-+*The Mini is a multi-generational icon. Since being relaunched by BMW in the early 2000s, it’s a young car at heart. Yet the Mini Cooper has nearly six decades of heritage as a British symbol for frugality, efficiency and style. It’s a car for Millennials, Boomers and, well, parents of Boomers. And that’s because the […]

2014 Mazda6

CARFAX Finds: Family Cars

-+*Despite declining interest in the wake of a new wave of crossovers, midsize family sedans still make up a huge portion of new and used car sales. There are more than a dozen different midsize family sedans available new, and many more on used car lots. To filter out some of them, I found three […]


Nissan Versa Alternatives

-+*The Nissan Versa and Versa Note are the best-selling subcompacts in the U.S. marketplace. As we talked about in our review of the 2015 model, the Versa has an excellent combination of interior space and technology features, as well as a low price tag that helps make it the top seller in the class. But […]