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Infographic: Car Title Washing 2014

Based on our research, nearly 800,000 used cars driving America’s roads right now may be part of an emerging fraud called title washing.

Here’s how the con men do it: they take rebuilt wrecks and cars with odometer issues and make them look like problem-free used cars on paper. The number 1 state for this problem is New Jersey, with 77,096 washed titles.  Nationwide, 650,000 of these cars are flood damaged or salvage vehicles.


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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Car Title Washing 2014”

  1. In Florida, is there anything you can do about this after the fact? In my example three + years after the sale I go to trade my car in and come to find out the carfax I was shown at the original dealer was faked my car was hit in 09 and recorded with frame damage. Can I hold the dealer responsible for fraud?

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