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CARFAX Affiliate Brand Guidelines
Updated June 2, 2009
Today more so than ever, consumers recognize and trust the CARFAX brand for reliable vehicle history information. Our mission and responsibility to our affiliates and partners is to ensure that consumers continue to respect our brand and that our brand continues to deliver. These guidelines help us maintain a consistent brand image as we work together with our affiliates and partners.
Web Page
Do not frame or redirect a domain or URL to
Do not use CARFAX trademarks or variants/misspellings thereof in a company name, domain name, subdomain name, TLD, or brand. For example, "" or "" would be unacceptable.
On any Web page where you promote CARFAX products, always use the CARFAX logo, a provided banner or "CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™" within the text.
Your Web site should not replicate or closely resemble the homepage. The following language from the homepage is approved for your use.
Order a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™... the first step to protecting yourself against buying used cars with costly hidden problems. CARFAX searches its nationwide database and provides a detailed vehicle history report in seconds.
  Acceptable Not Acceptable
Tag Lines Never buy a used car without CARFAX Don't make a $10,000 mistake
Avoid cars with costly hidden problems
Avoid cars with hidden problems
Any other tag line
Spelling CARFAX CarFacts
Car Facts
Car Fax
Car Faqs
Any other misspelling
Capitalization CARFAX

CARFAX Vehicle History Report
CARFAX vehicle history report
Any other capitalization
Free Offer Free CARFAX Record Check Free vehicle history
Free CARFAX report
Free CARFAX record check report
Free VIN report
Free VIN check
Free vehicle history search
Free CARFAX Lemon Check®
Any other offer
While our vehicle history data is the most comprehensive and trusted in the industry, it is not possible for CARFAX to know of every event in a vehicle's past.
Do not imply that CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™ indicate if a car has ever been in an accident.
Do not imply that CARFAX Vehicle History Reports provide the complete, full or comprehensive history of a used vehicle.
If you list prices for CARFAX products, those prices must reflect the current prices on
Do not use or promote "free CARFAX Reports" or any version thereof. For example, do not promote "free vehicle history reports" in conjunction with CARFAX.
Do not use or promote coupons, promotion codes, or any other discount offers on CARFAX products or services.
CARFAX does not offer a product trial. Do not imply that CARFAX has a trial offer.
If your Web site offers cashback or rebates on CARFAX products, you must clearly state that the cashback or rebate is from your company and that the consumer will pay full price for the CARFAX product. Do not imply that the cashback or rebate offer comes from CARFAX.
Pay-per-click (PPC) Search
These search guidelines apply to all search engines in which you advertise on a pay-per-click basis.
  • Do not pose as or imply in any way that your site is the official site.
  • Your PPC ad shall not display on any search engine results page for which the trigger (or keyword) contains a CARFAX trademark. This may require that you use negative keywords or their equivalent in your PPC search accounts or campaigns ("negative keyword" (also known as "negative adword" or "excluded word") means a special kind of advertiser keyword matching option that allows an advertiser to prevent its advertisement from appearing when the specific terms are a part of a given user's internet search or search string).
  • Your PPC ad shall not display on any search engine results page for which the trigger (or keyword) contains a competitor's trademark or variation thereof.
  • In PPC ads, do not use any version of "carfax" (i.e., misspellings, different capitalization, etc.) in the display URL.
  • Do not outbid CARFAX on any keyword on which you bid for the primary purpose of reselling CARFAX Vehicle History Reports. Purpose is determined by factors including, but not limited to, ad copy and landing page content.
  • Display only one ad per keyword, regardless of how many domains you own.
  • Not all search engines allow all caps within ads. In this case, spell "CARFAX" as "Carfax."
  • Follow the guidelines posted by each search engine.
Organic Search
These guidelines apply to all CARFAX-related text within the code for any and all Web pages that promote CARFAX Vehicle History Reports.
  • Follow all other Affiliate Brand Guidelines. For example, including "free CARFAX vehicle history" in a title tag or meta tag violates these guidelines.
  • Do not include CARFAX trademarks, or misspellings thereof, in the code of any Web page on which you do not promote CARFAX in the visible text.
  • Do not employ keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing occurs when a keyword is overloaded on a Web page so that search engines will gauge that page as being more relevant for that keyword. Keyword stuffing can occur in visible text on the page, hidden text, alt tags, etc.
  • Do not employ link stuffing. Link stuffing occurs when a text link is overloaded on a Web page so that search engines will gauge that page as being more relevant for keywords used within the link.
  • Do not use multiple title tags, description meta tags, or keyword meta tags on a page. For example, a page on which two description meta tags are included violates this guideline.
  • Do not use doorway pages, or multiple pages with mostly duplicate content designed to rank for certain keywords in the search engines.
  • Do not include any CARFAX-related keywords or related messaging in hidden text.
  • Follow the Webmaster guidelines for search engines in which your pages are listed.
  • Do not employ cloaking or deceptive redirects.
CARFAX Trademarks
Below is a list of CARFAX trademarks ("Mark" or "Marks") that affiliates may use pursuant to the trademark license contained in the CARFAX Affiliate Agreement:
  • The CARFAX Logo
These guidelines are intended to cover all possible uses of the Marks, including, without limitation, any domain or subdomain (prior to the main domain), URL, Web site, hyperlink, meta tag or other hidden text, electronic media, products, services, catalogs, brochures, and other advertising or promotional material. These guidelines are made without waiving any of CARFAX's rights or remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.
Manner of Use
  1. The Marks must only be used in connection with CARFAX® services, as authorized by CARFAX.
  2. The Marks must be set apart and distinguished from other words by properly capitalizing the Marks and by designating the Marks with the appropriate symbols of ® or ™.
The registered symbol (®) must be used with the following Marks, which have been registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:
  • The CARFAX Logo
The ™ symbol should be used with the following Marks:
Alternatively, a Mark may be accompanied by an asterisk referencing ownership of the Mark as follows:
CARFAX is a registered trademark of Carfax, Inc. and is used under license.


CARFAX is a trademark of Carfax, Inc. and is used under license.
Improper Use
  1. The Marks should not be used in possessive or plural form (e.g. RECORD CHECKS).
  2. The Marks should not be used as verbs (e.g. we will RECORD CHECK a car).
  3. The Marks should not be shortened, abbreviated, or otherwise altered.
  4. The Marks may not be combined into any other product, service or company name(s), domain names, trade names or logos.
  5. You may not use or register any of the Marks in any domain name.
  6. You shall not use the Marks to disparage CARFAX, its products or services, or in a manner which, in CARFAX's reasonable judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage CARFAX's goodwill in the Marks.
CARFAX reserves the right to act against any use that does not conform to these guidelines. Deviations from these guidelines may result in reduced earnings until the issue is corrected. For minor deviations from these guidelines, we will not reduce any affiliate's earnings without first giving the affiliate written notice and the opportunity to correct the specific problem. For major deviations from these guidelines, we reserve the right to take further action.
For additional standards about participation in the CARFAX Affiliate Marketing Program, see the CARFAX Affiliate Agreement.
CARFAX reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify these guidelines at any time. In the event that these guidelines change, we will notify you via email. It is your responsibility to read and understand the guidelines. If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact us.
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