Acura is the luxury division of the American Honda Motor Company (Honda). The brand began in 1986 as a luxury and performance offering from Honda. Acura was the first Japanese automotive luxury brand and became the best-selling luxury marque in the U.S. within its first few years.

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Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, Acura vehicle sales have risen steadily, now rivaling most competitive makes in the luxury segments.

The Acura logo is a stylized "A" with a slight split at the top to denote both a skewed H (for Honda) and a set of engineer's calipers. Acura's marketing efforts have been highly visible in the Marvel Comics movie franchise, including films like "Iron Man" and "Captain America."

Acura is also heavily involved in motorsports, especially here in the Americas. Acura vehicles race in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and IMSA GT Championship series. Since the 1990s, Acura has won races and championships in both the SCCA and IMSA GT. Acura also entered the American Le Mans Series with multiple teams, debuting there in 2007 with second place overall thanks to partner Andretti Green and third overall thanks to Fernandez Racing.